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216 days remaining to submit papers to MIC-EnginApps 2021 in Aqaba, Jordan
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1 33.Cnf-1169 MATHEMATİCAL SUBJECTS CORRESPONDING TO CRYPTOLOGY WITH NUMERICAL RESULTS In this presentation, basic concepts/notions of the different areas of mathematics such as discrete mathematics, number theory, probability theory, calculus, algebra, as well as computer science are given. By considering today’s cryptology (protocols, signatures, cryptographic design and analysis, cryptosystem,so on…) some useful illustrations are explained corresponding to such areas of mathematics. It seems that numerical explanations on the topic of the talk are important to understand techniques between subjects of mathematics and todaay’s cryptology by considering basic tools. That is why, the paper is prepared as a fundamental note for readers and listeners/attandances of conference. GMC-EngArch 2021 Claim